SOCREP is specialized in extrusion of thermoplastic material. Founded in 1979, the society started with material used for conveyor belts.

1983 more machinery was bought to manufacture tubes and profiles.

Produits fabriqués par SOCREP     Ligne bicouches

In 1987 SOCREP creates a partnership with a raw material supplier and a French customer to develop a new product. The result was a coextruded top surface material for the ski industry.

In 1996, SOCREP decides to launch its own products:

  • + Expanded PVC profiles imitating the wood structure.
  • + Alveolar composite wood-polymer blades used for floors and bulkheads.

    Soplir et Synthibois

    Always in search of innovation, SOCREP decided in 2008 to focus on its heart of work: top surface material for the ski and snowboard industry.

    The company sold its profiled activity and purchased four extrusion lines including the formulations and market from Gurit in Switzerland.